Record CPD Hours with our CPD Log Module

The CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Log Module allows members to manage and track their own CPD/CME points and hours in the members area. The module has a simple interface and provides the following functionality:


  • Members will be able to login using their Member Jungle login details
  • There will be a CPD tab in their Member area where members will be able to record all CPD points and hours, as well as upload support documentation per category
  • Members can record Employment details including Start and End Date, address, hours, caseload description
  • Members can see a summary of and list and manage all previously logged points and hours in a table format
  • Download a pdf CPD Report within a specific date range of all logged points and hours


Record CPD Hours with our CPD Log Module
Log CPD Hours with our CPD Log Module


  • Ability to setup CPD categories and sub categories 
  • Option to view all individual member CPD records against their member record
  • Audit report functionality which allows you to run a date range report for all members showing all of their logged CPD hours and points per category
  • Ability to export the audit report into a csv file for further review