Learning Management System and Online Course Module



The Member Jungle Online Course Module allows you offer your members Customisable Learning Management System (LMS)  online courses all within their same login account.

You can create different courses with chapter content and a mulitple choice quiz and and sell them on your website.

Along with other Member Jungle modules, the system uses the same account for the course as it does for membership, events and store purchases. Users/Members can login and access the course content online at anytime.

Customisable Learning Management System
Advantages of a Customisable Learning Management System



  • Ability to sell courses and accept payment online
  • Ability to approve students and give them access to the course after receiving payment
  • Manually add students via the administration area or allow students to create their accounts online on the LMS and await approval.
  • Create a course with chapters or sections and add course information, content, documents and YouTube Video clips and mp3's.
  • The ability for students to reset their own exam results if they don't pass the designated pass mark and allow them to complete the exam again.
  • Allow users to download their results on a certificate (as a pdf) after completing their course, and be able to login back in at a later date and see their certificates.
  • Review all students that have registered, the date they registered, their exam results and the date they completed the exam.
  • The ability to create a multiple choice exam, with up to 10 different alternatives per question and dictate what percentage of correct results achieves a "Pass" Result.


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