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Book a personalised Committee Training Session today to ensure your

organisation is using Member Jungle to its full advantage.


Committee Training Session

Have your site administrators or committee changed? Or do you need a refresher in using your Member Jungle system?

We can offer your club a dedicated and personalised Committee Training Session on your own Member Jungle System to ensure you are using it to your advantage. We will even send you a recording of the training session afterwards for you to refer to and share!

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The personalised session can be created to meet your requirements and can include any of the items below....

  • adding, removing and editing administrators and their permissions
  • updating your authorised contacts and site administrators
  • accessing and using the Member Jungle Support Portal for step by step instructions on using your Membership System

We also ensure your administrators have a clear understanding of the capabilities of the system and how to use the Modules available to them:

  • Membership Module:
    • how the system works to automate your membership sign up and renewal process
    • what a member can see and access
    • bulk emailing your members
    • membership reporting
    • membership level settings
  • Website Maintenance:
    • updating and maintaining page content to keep your website current
    • understanding page widgets
  • Events Module:
    • using the events module to advertise your events and sell tickets or collect registrations
    • advanced event ticketing features
    • event reporting
    • scanning a members card on the mobile app to mark event attendance
  • Product Catalogue:
    • gain and understanding of the product catalogue to advertise and sell your merchandise
    • setting up a stand-alone store for your merchandise
    • linking a product to membership so that it is offered to members when joining and renewing
    • setting up and monitoring stock levels
  • Latest News:
    • keeping your members updated using the latest news module
    • creating long and short news articles
  • Security Module:
    • adding and editing roles and permissions for users
    • viewing and adding user login accounts
    • the login report - what it is used for, and why it is worth monitoring
    • how the system report can assist you to monitor changes made by administrators
  • Mobile App:
    • the advantages of encouraging your members to use the mobile app
    • what modules are available on the app
    • sending push notifications to app users
  • Plus an overview of other modules available to your organisation

We will finish the session with a Q&A session where all attendees can have a discussion and questions answered about using the Member Jungle system to benefit your organisation.