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You love your cars but not the hassle that comes with helping out running your club! 

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that will completely automate membership renewals, help you manage meet-ups and drives, manage your car database, sell merchandise, and help you communicate ...then look no further. 

Created with car club memberships in mind, Member Jungle is trusted by some of Australia and New Zealands’s biggest clubs, including the Tesla Owners Club of Australia, Toyota Car Club Australia, Lotus Club Australia, SMASA and many more. 


Make Member Jungle Work For You

Easily Manage Your Car Club Members

No more excel spreadsheets, printed membership forms and countless hours of car club membership renewals! Members can access and update their own account details, sign-up and renew themselves online quickly and easily.  Membership renewal reminders and invoices are also automatically generated and emailed to members. 





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Mark Tipping
Tesla Owners Club of Australia

With over 1,600 members in the Tesla Owners Club, we would have to employ someone full-time to run the club if it wasn’t for Member Jungle. We are saving at least $50k a year simply by automating everything through Member Jungle.

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All Your Club's Needs in One Subscription



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Car and Membership Database

The days of managing the reporting and recording of Car Club memberships and vehicle permits in various spreadsheets and paper files is finally over! We worked with the Toyota Club of Victoria and Lotus Club of Australia to create the Member Jungle integrated Car Database, to make auditing and regulatory requirements easier.

Includes customisable and multiple field collections and options - names, addresses, proof of membership permit numbers, VIN, regular or permit cars, make, model, colour, registered, inspection, approval status and expiry dates.

Fully searchable and exportable for reporting, the car database integrates with the membership database to give you a complete picture of your member. 

Club members can fill out and view their forms & applications online, and admins can approve from the app. 


A Club Website

Member Jungle provides a fully functional website which can be branded or custom designed to suit your club branding. With unlimited pages - it’s easy to add, edit and delete information. 

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Calum Russell
Toyota Car Club of Australia - Victoria

The app is awesome. We love the digital membership cards too. It’s so much handier than having to print out and laminate more than 400 physical cards.

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In Your Members Pockets with a Mobile App

Integrated Mobile App 

Members and admin alike love the app!  Your members can access information and update details easily. The mobile app updates alongside the website so you only have to maintain one place. Plus you can send push notifications to your members with special offers, latest news or special events.


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The biggest car clubs trust Member Jungle to drive club membership and their back office...




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Event Management

Manage Events and Drives

Easily promote and manage your events and club drives. The events module includes registration, ticket sales, record attendance and clever ways to keep your members communicating.  


Sell Your Group's Merchandise Online

E-Commerce and Online Store 

Take the hassle out of managing inventory and club merchandise by adding an online store to your Member Jungle website. Easily sell through the shop and let your members pick-up at your next event or have their items posted. 

Can Member Jungle Help Your Car Club?