Why You Should Involve Your Committee Members In Your Member Jungle Trial


Committees are awesome. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They are an effective and fair way to organise anything. I know some people are unfairly critical of committees. There’s even the saying, “A camel is a horse designed by a committee,” which is supposed to mean that committees are bad and that group decision-making doesn’t work properly. 

The people who say this clearly don’t know that camels are bigger, stronger, smarter, and hardier, have much more endurance and are only slightly slower than horses. Essentially, yes, camels are horses designed by a committee, fundamentally better and more well-rounded in every way.  

I’ll be the first to admit that when I woke up this morning, I did not expect to be passionately defending camels by mid-afternoon, but here we are. 

 a Camel


Believe it or not, we aren’t actually here today to talk about camels. Instead, we will discuss why involving your committee members in the Member Jungle trial is a really good idea. 

Why You Should Give Committee Members Access To Your Member Jungle Trial Site 

If you decide to sign up with Member Jungle, your committee members will need to use the system, so you might as well start gently easing them into it now. I'm not talking about anything crazy; it's probably best not to dump them in the deep end and hope they swim. You want to introduce them slowly so they can get comfortable with it. 


a dog in the pool meme


Instead, you can set them up with a login for their own account so they can log in and snoop around at their own pace. The crucial part of this is that you can restrict what parts of the system each of your committee members have access to, so they only have to look around their specific part. For example, you likely will only want to give your Events Coordinator access to the Events Module. 

This way, your Events Coordinator can investigate and check out the one module that applies to them and not be overwhelmed by the rest of the system. 

This is a really clever way to get your committee members to access the free trial and see the system for themselves in an easy and non-intimidating way. Certainly, if I needed to learn a new system, I'd be much happier if someone just said: "You only need to use these two parts, and I've locked it down so you can't even accidentally wander off into the wrong sections."

Allowing your committee members to explore the various parts of the system will help them determine how they can continue to perform their roles if you switch to Member Jungle. For instance, an Events Manager 

  • can set up events
  • add necessary details, 
  • send email invites,
  • Send push notifications
  • and check how the event check-in via the mobile app works too.

All while you are still during the trial period. 

This approach can help your committee members get acquainted with Member Jungle and make it easier to convince them to sign up if you decide to do so.

Now, let's talk about which committee members need access and to what parts of the system. 

Which Committee Roles You Should Give Access To Your Trial Site

Now we have established why you should give your committee members access to your Member Jungle trial, let's talk about which parts of the system you need people to access and who should have access to which parts. 

The following are our recommendations for who should have access to which parts of the system; however, this will depend on your club's structure and how you like to do things. So, don't be afraid to make this your own. 

  • Full Site-Wide Access - President, Website Manager (webmaster)
  • Full Membership Access - President, Secretary, Membership Administrator
  • Accounts Access - Treasurer, President, Bookkeeper
  • Events Access - Events Coordinator or Event Manager
  • Blog & News Modules, Email Campaign - Communications Manager, Blog Contributor


These accesses can be set up, customised and fine-tuned to your heart's desire from the Security tab of your Member Jungle Trial site. 

Also, if you decide to sign up with Member Jungle, you can sign up for committee training to help ensure everyone is up to speed on the new system. 

How To Give Your Committee Members Access To Your Trial Site

You can set up which roles your club will have and what access each role gives from the Security tab of your website. For a detailed walkthrough of this, please read Share The Administrative Load With Your Committee Using Member Jungle.  

A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Giving Your Committee Access To Member Jungle

Your trial site will become your real site if you decide to sign up with Member Jungle, so any work you and your committee put into customising and organising your trial site will be one less thing you need to do before you go live. 

You can also allow your committee members to sign up for your club as normal members while in trial. This is an excellent way to get your committee members involved and familiar with the system while letting them see how easy it is to use the system as a club member. 

Where To From Here

Well, if you want to know more about how the free trial at Member Jungle works, why not check out 3 Things You Need To Know About Your Member Jungle Trial?

If you are already starting to look towards the future and how you can convince your committee that Member Jungle is the right choice for your club, then have a look at How To Convince Your Committee To Sign Up With Member Jungle. It even has a free downloadable presentation template so you can get your presentation to your committee off to a flyer. 

Finally, I will leave you with this: two awesome-looking Bactrian Camels hanging out in the snow being easily better than a horse. 


two awesome-looking Bactrian Camels


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