Product Development : Member Jungle Launches New Engagement Metrics


We all know how important it is to have a loyal and engaged member base, to help with member retention and also ensure the growth of your organisation. Associations are constantly investing in their membership programs, online events, website content, resources, training and more, to help engage their members. The question has always been: how can we easily track how engaged our members are with a simple metric. Member Jungle are excited to release new Member Engagement tracking functionality to our membership management system, which allows you to now access this information quickly and easily. 

The new functionality allows each association to personalise their settings and determine the importance of each engagement metric and how it is scored for each member. It allows you to control if website visits, app interactions, event attendance and courses completed are important to your organisation and then instantly see how your members rank. This new functionality is a great way to see how your members are interacting with the various services your Association is offering and what areas you may need to work on to improve member engagement.

Using an all-in-one system also means that you can quickly access a complete overview of your members and all of the interactions they have had with your Association, including revenue, logins, transactions and so much more.

Product Development : Member Jungle Launches New Engagement Metrics


Member Jungle understands that your time is precious and believe this new dynamic reporting functionality will help you decide where to focus your efforts and also profile who are your most and least engaged members. 

For more information on Member Jungle’s new Membership Engagement Tracking and membership management system, please visit to chat to one of our team members.

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