Membership Management Software For My Club’s Specific Needs?


A common question we get asked is, “Will the Member Jungle system work for a club like mine?” That’s a fair question to ask; there are a lot of unique clubs and associations out there with unique needs and preferences, and finding a piece of software that works for your club can be tricky. After all, no two clubs are identical. 

In the past we have talked about how flexible Member Jungle is and how it can evolve with your club and association, becoming a better and better fit as time passes. I’ll post the links to those articles below.

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Membership Management Software For My Club’s Specific Needs?


Today, however, we thought we'd run through just a few of the diverse clubs and associations that use Member Jungle. This will hopefully help you see that we are already working with clubs and associations quite similar to yours and that we will likely be well-placed to help you as well. Of course, I'd never pretend that Member Jungle is the right option for everyone; there are clubs and associations out there that will be better suited to other options. 

With all that out of the way, let's dive in, but be warned, you might find a club or two that you want to sign up for as a member. Because having worked for Member Jungle for a while now, stumbling across clubs that you love and just having to join them is a serious risk with this job. There's a reason all the members of staff are in multiple clubs. 

Membership Management For Sporting Clubs

The Picton Magpies Old Boys - The Magpies Old Boys is an old boys' club that focuses on supporting the local community, the current Picton Magpie teams, and former players. If they are anything like the old boys' club my dad's a part of, there are probably quite a few beers, too. 

Australian Powerlifting Union - The Australian Powerlifting Union is committed to supporting and creating a fair, safe and welcoming environment for competitive powerlifters in Australia. They organise competitions, help train coaches, and ensure Australian powerlifters are safe and supported.  

Doyalson-Wyee Soccer Club - The Doyalson-Wyee Soccer Club, or the Doylo Wolves as they're known, are a men's, women's and juniors soccer club. They are exactly what you think of when you think of amateur soccer clubs. They run several junior and senior teams, sell club uniforms and merch, and run a canteen at home games. 

Membership Management For Licensed Clubs  

Coffs Harbour Yacht Club - Coffs Harbour Yacht Club is a bar, restaurant and sailing club on the beautiful Coffs coast. They don't just run a restaurant and bar but also regularly social sailing events and races. With social memberships and sailing memberships, there's something for everyone. 

Merewether Bowling Club - Merewether Bowling Club is a licensed bar, restaurant, and lawn bowling club. They run everything from their bowls competitions to collecting table reservation requests in their restaurant through the Member Jungle system. If you want to see the case study on their experiences using our system, see Customer Story - Merewether Bowling Club.

Membership Management For Licensed Clubs  

Membership Management For Professional Associations 

Association of Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand - The Association of Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand is a non-profit organisation that aims to share knowledge about biosafety and biosecurity to protect people, the community and the environment by advancing knowledge in biosafety and risk management. Its goal is to strengthen biosafety and biosecurity-related connections, collaborations, and knowledge within Australia and

Australian Climbing Association Of QLD Inc - The Australian Climbing Association of QLD is a peak body that advocates for protecting and expanding access to outdoor climbing areas in QLD. They play a crucial role in establishing and protecting outdoor climbing routes so that everyone, from the pros to gumbys like me, has a place to climb outside.

Membership Management For Professional Associations 


Australian Hand Therapy Association - The Australian Hand Therapy Association is a national peak body focused on advancing hand therapy’s recognition, knowledge and outcomes in Australia. The AHTA is involved in the training and accreditation of hand therapists in Australia. If you want to see the case study on their experiences using our system, see Customer Story - Australian Hand Therapist Association

Membership Management For Community & Interest Groups 

The Embroiderers Guild Victoria - The Embroiderers Guild Victoria is a non-profit organisation that promotes, teaches and encourages embroidery skills and techniques. The Embroiderers Guild hosts events, workshops, fundraisers, and art exhibitions. Plus, they have made incredible things like this seahorse, as seen in their 2017 Annual Exhibition.

Membership Management For Community & Interest Groups 


Astronomical Society of NSW - The Astronomical Society of NSW holds events and training for professional and amateur astronomers. They also run the Crago Observatory on Mt. Bowen and publish the monthly journal UNIVERSE. 

Membership Management For Chambers Of Commerce 

Rotorua Business Chamber - The Rotorua Business Chamber serves as the district's premier business organisation and is affiliated with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce. Committed to fostering a conducive business environment, the chamber collaborates with various business entities and agencies, offering advocacy, support services, and networking opportunities to enhance the local business landscape.

Rajasthan Business and Professional Group - The Rajasthan Business and Professional Group organises various activities such as seminars, webinars, social events, and CSR activities to promote Rajasthani culture, foster business relations between the Indian state of Rajasthan and the United Arab Emerits, boost trade and investment, and help Rajasthanis in need.

Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce - RKCC is a Chamber of Commerce that advocates for local businesses and fosters sustainable economic development. With over 50 years of experience, RKCC maintains strong relationships with stakeholders and provides opportunities for businesses to connect, learn, and showcase their offerings. 

If you want to see the case study on their experiences using our system, see Customer Story - Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce.

Membership Management For Car & Bike Clubs 

Australian Street Rod Federation - The Australian Street Rod Federation is a not-for-profit focused on promoting street rodding in Australia. It helps members build and register their vehicles. The ASRF encourages the growth of street rodding as a major hobby in the country and is a mediator between state transport authorities and street rodding enthusiasts.


Membership Management For Car & Bike Clubs 


Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Inc - Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Australia is a not-for-profit community association dedicated to preserving, restoring, and enjoying Japanese motorcycles over 15 years old. Operating under the worldwide Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club, they organise local rides, events, and an annual Rally/AGM and provide access to a printed club magazine. 

Lotus Club Victoria - Lotus Club Victoria is dedicated to fostering enjoyment and appreciation of the Lotus marque through various social, touring, and competitive activities. In collaboration with other Lotus Clubs in Australia and worldwide, as well as the Marque Sports Car Association of Victoria. The club offers members a diverse range of events, such as club meetings, sprints, displays, social gatherings, and competitions. 

If you want to see the case study on their experiences using our system, see Customer Story - Lotus Club Victoria

Membership Management For Animal Clubs 

Knox Obedience Dog Club - The Knox Obedience Dog Club has a rich history of promoting dog obedience. Affiliated with the Kennel Control Council since August 1968, the club has played a pioneering role in introducing activities like Agility and Endurance Tests to Victoria. With top-notch instructors and training facilities, Knox remains a leading hub for dog obedience in Victoria.

The Knox Obedience Dog Club also makes use of Member Jungle’s Custom Datasets to make tracking their dogs, teams and handlers much easier.  

Australian Miniature Horse Society - The Australian Miniature Horse Society is Australia's premier miniature horse society that offers four breed registries for members. They cater to Miniature Horses, Miniature Ponies, American Shetlands, and Small Horses & Ponies. AMHS is a valuable resource for breeders to register and track different breeds under one banner, making AMHS a unique and valuable resource in the miniature horse community in Australia.

Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria - The Scottish Terrier Club of Australia promotes Scottish Terriers as a breed and encourages responsible breeding practices. They also organise events and competitions, including the adorable-sounding Scottie Pool Parties. The Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria is committed to supporting Scottish Terriers and their breeders throughout the state.


Membership Management For Animal Clubs 

Membership Management For International Clubs & Associations 

There are clubs across Australia, New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, the United States of America and more that use the Member Jungle system. Our integration with Stripe means that the Member Jungle system can process payments in 195 countries and in over 135 currencies, allowing clubs from all over the world to use our system. 

To learn more about how Member Jungle uses Stripe, please read Why The Member Jungle System Uses Stripe's Payment Gateway. 

There are so many more clubs, associations, and categories I could list, but I think we would actually be here all day. Seriously, there are lifesaver clubs, floodplain management associations, beekeeper groups, museums, expat societies, advocacy groups, wine and beer clubs, and much more. 

Can Member Jungle Work For My Club and Our Specific Needs? 

Yes, quite probably. Look, I can't guarantee that Member Jungle will work for every single club and association because there is such a wide variety of clubs out there. So, there will always be some clubs whose members Member Jungle will not be able to meet. Nevertheless, for the vast majority of clubs, Member Jungle will be an excellent option.

The good news is you don’t have to guess; Member Jungle offers a 30-day free trial of the system so you can find out first-hand if it’s as flexible as you need it to be and if it is right for your club. 

For more information on how all of this works, watch this video, All of your Member Jungle Questions Answered.  

If you're concerned about whether Member Jungle will be too complex or challenging for you to manage, the short answer is no, and the long answer is here: Is Using The Member Jungle System For My Club Hard?


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