Member Jungle Product Release: June 2024


June has come and gone, and we are just weeks away from the 2024 Paris Olympics. This Olympics already looks fantastic, with skateboarding making a return for the second time and sports climbing returning with a more sensible format (thankfully, they have made Speed Climbing a separate event). Two new sports will also make their Olympic debut: Kayak Cross and Breaking (breakdancing).

The Olympics aren’t the only thing getting fresh updates around here; another Member Jungle Product Release is dropping. This update saw quite a few things tidied up, made slicker, and squashed a few pesky bugs. 

The biggest update this month is a great new, highly customisable widget in the Blog Module. It will make displaying your blogs much nicer, neater, and prettier. It’s called the Blog Quicklinks, and it looks really nice.  


 Blog Quicklinks


Here is a summary of the new features or changes to Member Jungle added in our June 2024 (very early July) release. 


We now have a new, very configurable Blog Output widget that allows you to select a blog category, control the number of items and columns shown, and configure the size and display effects.

Blog output Widget

You can choose which blogs are displayed in your widget, how many are displayed, and how many are displayed per row. This, plus a lot of other useful things, will make your blog module much more customisable and visually appealing. 

You can now also change your default Blog settings to show in the Standard List view or Quicklinks view, depending on which you prefer. 

For more on ways to utilise your blog module, see The Best Ways To Use Your Blog Module For Things That Aren’t Blogs.

Membership Import

We have improved the Membership Import to allow matching on more fields and updating some of those matching fields. The improvements to the import functionality will make it easier for administrators to import and update member details without having to match that data on as many fields. Basically, the system is smarter and does a better job of recognising who is who. This will particularly help organisations that have other external systems and use the import to update and keep the two systems in sync.

It also includes improvements to allow the import of Emergency Contact details, Allergies and Dietary Requirements, Nicknames and more. 


Membership Import


We've tidied up quite a few things around the edges and squashed a few bugs that have popped up.

If you have any issues to report or want to learn more about the system, you can access our full support portal at

While I can’t go into details now, keep your eyes peeled for our July update. I’ve snuck a peek at what the development team is working on, and it looks great. See you then. 


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