Member Jungle Product Release : August 2017


Our August Release has been heavily focused on really making things easier for membership administrators and renewing members. The release includes:

  • Member Search and Export 
  • Advanced Security Search Functionality
  • Administrator Only Payment Types
  • Added country to membership forms to allow for international members
  • Additional field on Current Member Tab
  • Changes to Membership Renewal Pages to prompt members to login first
  • New Process to Allow Members with Failed Payments to continue later

The Member Jungle Mobile App is also not far away and just missed out on this release so keep your eyes out soon for the new App launch! We are super excited about all of the new features that are on our development timeline for the rest of the year and welcome client feedback along the way.

Member Search and Export

We've added a 'Member Search' under the 'MEMBERS' menu where you can search for any member in any membership level and status. This search can be filtered by status, level or purchased product, and all fields can be sorted. 

Plus you can export any search results to a csv file.


Advanced Security Search & Export Functionality

We have increased the search functionality in the Security search so you can now search for First Name, Last Name, Suburb and State. The standard export from security also now includes all standard fields and inactive user accounts.


Administrator Only Payment Types in Membership

You now have the ability to control your own payment methods within the Membership Module and turn on payment methods for administrators only i.e. you can allow credit card payments online for members paying via your website but process cash and direct transfer payments only via the administration area.

These payments settings can be found in the Membership Module under SETTINGS > Payment Settings.


Easier Sign-up for International Members

Our membership sign-up and renewal forms now allow for international members to select that they live outside Australia and choose their country from a dropdown list.



Additional field on Current Member Tab

As a result of feedback from some of our membership adminstrators we now show product name in the Current Members Tab.


Changes to Renewal & Sign-in Page

The Join and Renew page has now also changed to make it clearer for your members who are renewing to remind them they need to login before renewing their membership.

Your membership page will now feature two clear options that prompt new members to Register and select a membership or Login if they already have an account to renew their existing memberships.


New Process For Members with Failed Payments

There is also now the ability for members to continue if they leave renewal process without completing payment, to come back later. We have had a number of members recently who had completed their membership forms and had insufficient funds or credit card problems when processing their payments. We have added functionality so that when the members log back in they are presented with a "Add Payment" option so they can skip straight through to the payment screen and finalise their membership.



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