How You Can Make Money With Member Jungle


Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, these are good surprises; sometimes, they are bad surprises, and sometimes, they are just strange surprises. For example, this is a real photo; it hasn’t been photoshopped or made with AI. 

 AI generated image


This is a real thing. This is a Saiga Antelope and it is a thing that actually exists. Apparently, evolution got bored of making deer who look like deer and instead decided to make a deer that looks like it should be playing the space flute in a Star Wars band. 

AI generated image 

Just look at this little weirdo, I love it. 

My point is that sometimes there are unexpected surprises, like alien-looking antelopes or the fact that the Member Jungle system is capable of making your organisation money. Now, I’d love to spend the next several hundred words talking about Saiga Antelope and their whole deal, but it would not actually help either of us in the long run. So instead, let’s look at the other exciting new revelation, which is that you can use Member Jungle to make extra money for your club or association..  

Member Jungle Can Add To Your Club’s Revenue Streams 

One of the big benefits of Member Jungle is that it opens up a bunch of new ways for you to monetise your club and increase your club’s revenue. Whether this is just extra money in the kitty that allows you to do some bonus awesome stuff or whether it’s the difference between being able to afford Member Jungle or not, this is absolutely a great bonus of the system. So, with that in mind, let’s get into the details of how you can actually achieve this. 

How Your Club Can Use Banner Ads To Make Extra Money 

Banner ads on your website allow you to add custom banners to promote anything you want your members to see. Members clicking on the banner ad will open the link you specify, allowing you to effectively push members to sections of your website or potentially your advertisers' websites. You can use banner ads to promote your club's stuff, like your events or new products, to ensure all your members see them. 

However, you don't need to use your banner ads to promote your own things; you can also use your banner ads to promote sponsors' products and services. Think about what a great selling point it is for your sponsors; you can sell the rights to have banner ads on your website; more than that, you can choose if banner ads are site-wide or only located on particular pages, giving you the ability to upsell sponsors and charge more for more exposure. 

Banner ads can be placed at the top or bottom of your pages as wide horizontal banners or as tall vertical banners to the left or right of your pages. 

I added a banner ad to my trial Member Jungle Club website as an example of this in action.

Horizontal banner


See, I have added a nice banner ad on the side of my Contact page that, if it were real, would link to a website all about this weird deer with fangs because evolution apparently hates making deer that don’t look incredibly strange. It’s called a Chinese Water Deer, by the way. 

For a slightly more practical demonstration, I went to look at the website of Member Jungle customer Australian Miniature Horse Society. They have a horizontal banner ad advertising one of their major sponsors on their homepage. 

 horizontal banner ad advertising

As you can see, their banner ad perfectly blends with the style of their website, so it doesn’t subtract from the style and feel of their website while still advertising their sponsor. If you were to click on their banner, it would also load up the sponsor’s website. 

By being able to have multiple different banner ad styles and multiple banners per page, as well as choosing which pages have ads and which don’t, you gain so many different opportunities to upsell club sponsors. You can charge one price for a banner ad at the bottom of a single page, another for a side banner on multiple pages, and another still for a top banner that’s site-wide. 

Not only does your ability to promote your sponsors in such a way massively increase your chance of getting sponsors, but being able to upsell and charge different prices for different types of banner ads also increases the amount of money you can earn from your sponsors.

It’s worth noting that Banner Ads are tracked, so you can monitor how many page loads and clicks they get. This means that you are able to give sponsors accurate reports on what their money is actually getting them.  

For more details on how to set up and use Banner Ads, please read the following Help Article Banner Module

How Your Club Can Make Extra Money With A Business Directory

Unsurprisingly, the main way the Business Directory can help you make extra money for your club is giving you extra ways to promote you sponsors and extra things to upcharge your sponsors for. 

So, let's examine how the business directory works and how you can use it to make extra money for your club. 

The Business Directory is essentially a big, customisable list to which you can add any and all businesses associated with your club. You can list these businesses, their names, websites, locations, and any offers they are offering to your members. Being able to promote and display your sponsors' websites is a great way to give them extra value for their money and gives you yet another way to upsell your sponsors.

The Business Directory is also on the Member Jungle Mobile app, which means that your directory will be right in every member’s pocket in case they are looking for a service on the go.  

It's also worth noting that you can allow your sponsors to update and maintain their own listings. Once you give them permission to add a post to your Business Directory, they can add and manage their own listings without adding to your workload. 

You can see an example of a Business Directory in action on the website of Merewether Bowling Club


Merewether Bowling Club Sponsorship Page


As you can see, this is a clear and easy-to-navigate way to showcase all of your club’s sponsors. It allows your members or website visitors to navigate, refine and search through your sponsors to find the ones that they are looking for. 

How To Use The Business Directory To Organise Member Discounts At Sponsors' Stores 

One common practice among clubs is for sponsors to offer small discounts to club members. To simplify the process, you can utilise your business directory as a sponsor directory. There are two main ways to do this.

The first way is for sponsors to advertise on their directory listing that they offer a discount to members. Members must show their membership cards (digital or plastic) in-store to redeem the discount.

The second way is to set your sponsor directory to private so only members can access it. Whenever your sponsors post special offers or discount codes on their directory listings, members can view these codes and offers and use them on the sponsors' online stores. It is important to note that these discount codes can only be redeemed through the sponsors' websites and not through the Member Jungle site. This approach is convenient because it's redeemable online, which many people prefer these days. It also benefits sponsors who are not physically close to you because they can still benefit from increased sales that sponsoring your club generates for them.

Not only will using your business directory like this help get more sponsors and earn more money for your club but as your sponsors can manage their own memberships, it will also save you time. Time you can use to get back to enjoying your club,  and also, maybe time to  look at photos of this next weird deer I've found.  


adult Dik Dik


No, that isn’t a baby. That is a perfectly normal-sized adult Dik Dik. Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t name it. So, apparently, nature will only make normal (ish) looking deer if they are purse dog size. 

For more details on how to set up and use the Business Directory Module, check out the Help Article Business or Member Directory Module.

How Your Club Can Earn Extra Money With The Position Vacant Module

The final option we are going to look at today is the Position Vacant Module. The Position Vacant Module is a free part of the Premium package, or it is available as an optional extra for an extra $19 per month. 

The Position Vacant Module was initially designed to allow associations to advertise when they had a volunteer or paid position vacant. It allows you to quickly and easily advertise to your website's visitors that you have a role that you are trying to fill.  

With a few tweaks, you can use your Position Vacant Module to allow other organisations to advertise job openings on your website. Where businesses pay you for the right to advertise their job openings on your website. If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Let's say you run a scuba diving club. If a dive shop in your local area is looking for a divemaster to hire, it makes more sense for them to go straight to the source and advertise on your website than waste their time on a job listing website. Because chances are most of the qualified divemasters in the local area are either members of your club or have friends who are. 

Obviously, this doesn't apply only to scuba diving clubs; it could apply to a whole range of clubs and associations. While any club could set up the Position Vacant Module, it makes more sense for certain clubs and industries, namely ones whose core activity relates to a career.   

If you to find out more about the Position Vacant Module, have a look at How Your Association Can Make Money By Using The Position Vacant Module.

Other Ways You Can Make Money With Member Jungle

Sell Advertisements In Your Emails, Newsletters & SMS

One Final place you can sell sponsors the right to have ads is in your emails, club newsletters, and even SMS messages sent to your members. Not only are these really effective ways of advertising to your members, but they are also great little things to package with other advertisement deals. 

For example, maybe sponsors can purchase a top-of-page banner ad on your website and receive a discount on one newsletter ad, or they can purchase a banner ad and a spot in the business directory and receive a free email ad. There are many possibilities here. 

Online Store

Member Jungle's Online Store provides a platform to sell products to members and the public, helping to generate extra revenue. Clubs can sell products at events and through their website, making the process easier and simpler. You can also use the online store to rent out equipment to members. 

Member Jungle's online product store simplifies selling club products by streamlining bookkeeping, stock-taking, and inventory management and allowing digital in-person payments. You can export sales data to Xero to help ensure everything is accounted for. This reduces the time and effort needed to run a club store and makes it more manageable for the administrators.

This extra bit of income can, in turn, make Member Jungle a lot more affordable. For a much more detailed breakdown of how the Online Store works and how it can help make your club extra money, check out Why Your Club Needs An Online Store.

Events Module

Events are another great way to raise a little extra money for your club, and Member Jungle's Events Module makes running events and selling tickets easier than ever. You can set up events, organise tickets, sell tickets, and promote your events all from your membership site. When it comes to event time, you can even take event attendance via the Member Jungle app on your phone, eliminating the need for someone to be standing around with a clipboard and ensuring that the system can keep accurate event attendance data.  

After the event, you can use the Member Jungle system to break down the event and see what parts were successful and what parts weren't. Allowing you to understand and improve your events like never before. 

To hear more about how you can break down and examine your events with Member Jungle, have a look at Customer Story - SYP Historic Vehicle Club. Kali Germein, SYP's secretary and treasurer, talks about her experience examining events through Member Jungle. 

Events can be a big money maker for clubs, and using Member Jungle makes hosting events easier, more time-efficient, and more effective.  

For more info on how to run events please read How To Run An Event With Member Jungle - A Guide and How To Host An Online Club Event With Member Jungle.   

Finally, before I wrap this article up and give you a few more helpful links to find out more about how to make Member Jungle more affordable, I have to show you one more weird deer I found. It’s called Gerenuk and has the horrific habit of walking around on its rear legs like someone’s sleep-paralysis demon. 



How Else Can You Make Member Jungle More Affordable?

So those are the main ways you can make money via Member Jungle to help make it more affordable. 

For a more detailed look at how to get club sponsors, check out 5 Steps To Gain & Keep Club Sponsors with Member Jungle.

For more on how to best promote your sponsors to help offset the cost of Member Jungle, check out How You Can Use Sponsors To Fund Your Club’s Membership Management Software.

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