How Member Jungle’s CPD System Works For Your Association


As an association, you provide your members with a variety of benefits. These might include professional development opportunities such as training and certification programs and facilitating networking through events and local chapters. You might also advocate for your members' interests with government bodies, keep them informed about industry regulations, and offer valuable resources such as publications and online tools.

One excellent way to improve the support you offer your members is by helping them track their CPD. This can be done whether you are the one providing them with training to progress their CPD or not. Either way, giving your members the tools to track their CPD is a great way to add more value to your association.

Now, obviously, helping a whole association's worth of members track their CPD progress can be a lot of extra work and is not something to take on willy-nilly. However, this is something Member Jungle can help with.

The Member Jungle CPD Module makes it easy for you to enable your members to track and keep up with their CPD points and progress. Most importantly, it doesn't add to the workload your admin team is already doing.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at how the CPD Module works from both your perspective and that of your members.

How Member Jungle Helps Your Members Track Their CPD

The Member Jungle CPD Module makes it much easier and simpler for your members to track their CPD. Your members can check and download reports on their CPD progress whenever they want to. They can see what CPD events and courses they have completed, when they completed them, and how many points they were worth. They can also self-report what new CPD activities they have completed and upload supporting documentation. 

Then, when they need proof of their CPD progress, they can log into the system, select a time period, and download a PDF report on all the CPD points and activities they have completed over that period, along with all the necessary supporting documentation, which they can then submit to their governing body.  

How Member Jungle Makes Tracking CPD For Associations Easy

Member Jungle provides a simple system for your members to track their CPD progress. As I said above, it doesn't matter if you or a third party manage and provide them with CPD opportunities. Your members will be able to use your system to help them organise their progress.

If you do provide them with events that add to their CPD, then the Member Jungle system will automatically add the applicable points to a member's CPD log when they complete your event. 

CPD tab in mysite


This will also save you a lot of time as you will no longer need to work out who completed what and how many points it earned them. It will all be done automatically. You can also use the Event Certificate Module to automatically generate certificates that will act as documentation your members can take to their governing body.   

How Event Certificates Help Simplify Tracking CPD Progress For Your Association  

Member Jungle's Event Certificates complement the CPD Module. It can automatically generate event certificates customised to your association. Each certificate includes the event name, a short description, the event date, and the number of CPD credits/hours it is worth. 


Event Certificates with CPD


You can also create and export CPD reports on particular members. This allows you to monitor their progress and send the information to them or anyone else who needs it. 

export CPD reports

How Much Does The Member Jungle CPD Module Cost?

As the CPD Module is fairly specialised and only some clubs or associations will need to use it, we have made it an optional extra. If your association could use the CPD Module to offer greater benefits and support to your members, you can choose to add it to your Member Jungle package at any time. 

The CPD Module costs $2,999 upfront and adds an additional $69 to your monthly bill. It also includes Event Certificates for free, which is great as they cost $1,299 by themselves. 

You can see the complete list of all Member Jungle optional extras at Options Add-on Modules Available.

Where To From Here?

So, you can use the Member Jungle CPD Module to help provide added value to your members and make organising and tracking CPD easier than ever before.

If you want to learn more about how Event Certificates work at Member Jungle, check out Certificates of Attendance For Your Association.

To learn how Member Jungle works as association management software in general, read Association Management Software - How Does Member Jungle Rate?


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