How AI Can Help Your Club or Association - AI-Assisted Videos


As I’m sure you know, using AI to help your club has been a topic we’ve covered a lot here at Member Jungle. That’s because, at the rate that AI technology is advancing, there is something new to tell you about every week. 

This week, we are going to talk about how the advancements in AI can help you create better videos for your club easier than ever before. AI can make creating stunning videos for your club or association quick, easy, and straightforward. Allowing you to get back to enjoying your club rather than spending hours in video editors.

So, today, we will discuss some of the best AI video editing tools you can use to assist you in creating videos for your club. 

AI-Assisted Video Editing Tools 

There is a wide variety of AI-powered video editing tools that can be super useful to your club. So, before we talk about specific AI video editing software, let’s talk about some of the best AI video tools around. 

AI Text-To-Speech 

Many programs offer AI text-to-speech, allowing you to turn written text into a video with words spoken by an avatar or even a digital version of yourself. Text-to-speech can be a super helpful and time-saving tool that can save you from having to remember scripts, re-record parts because you flubbed a line, and have to edit a video with your own voice in it for hours. 


AI Text-To-Speech


The quality of AI voices varies greatly depending on the service you use to generate it. Usually, paid services have a higher quality of AI voices, and some even offer voice cloning. Where you record your voice, and then they reproduce an AI version of your voice that can be used for text-to-speech.  

Companies that offer AI text-to-speech include:

AI Text-Based Editing 

AI text-based editing is a massively time-saving AI-powered tool that I personally love. With this feature, you upload your video into a video editor, and it will automatically transcribe your entire video. You are then free to scroll through the transcript, selecting the sections you want in your video, and it will automatically import the corresponding sections of your video into your project. It also works in reverse, allowing you to cut parts out of your video from the transcript. 

It is a massively time-saving feature that can help with the early stages of video editing. Plus, it has the added benefit of making the process of creating captions (subtitles) for your video super easy. This is great if your videos are going on YouTube or any other video platform, as it allows those platforms to give users the option of using subtitles when viewing your video. 

Companies that offer AI text-based video editing include: 

AI-Powered Filler Word Removal

Several programs have started offering AI-powered automatic filler word removal. Filler words are the words and sounds we all make when trying to think of what to say next. Like “umm”, “ahh”, and “like”. 

AI programs can now go through your video and automatically cut out all the filler words and even long pauses if you’d like them to. 

Companies that offer AI-powered automatic filler word removal include: 

It’s worth noting that removing some filler words from your video can make it play better and make your speaker seem more confident. However, remove too many filler words, and your speaker can start sounding ingenuine and a bit like a robot. Real people take breaths and say umm, don’t let the AI make real people sound like robots, too. 

If you are heavily cutting your video to remove unnecessary filler words, it can make it look choppy and hard to watch. 

AI-Assisted Video Editing Software 

AI-assisted video editing software can be broken down into two broad categories: AI software that helps the average person make videos and AI software that helps more professional video editors. Today, we will be focusing on the former.  

Vimeo For Your Club’s Videos

Vimeo is an online video-creating, editing and sharing platform with free and paid versions. Vimeo works well for recording and editing videos, capturing screen recordings, and presenting webinars online. 

Their video editing interface is reasonably straightforward, with a good library of video templates, graphics and music. 


How AI Can Help Your Club or Association - AI-Assisted Videos


Their proper AI-powered editing tools are available in their Standard Package, which starts at $22 a month. Vimeo’s standard package has an AI-powered teleprompter, AI-powered auto-generated scripts and text-based editing. 

These tools are designed to make sitting in front of your computer, recording a video, editing it and publishing it a simple and streamlined task. If you want to record a lot of videos from your desk and are looking for a more professional style of video editor, then Vimeo could be a good choice for you. 

Suppose you want something that does a bit more heavy lifting when it comes to actually editing pre-recorded videos. In that case, it may not be the best option for you. 

OpusClip For Your Club’s Videos

OpusClips is not a video editor; instead, it uses AI to turn long-form videos into short social media-ready videos. 

All you have to do is upload a pre-existing video to OpusClip, enter how long you want your video to be, enter any essential keywords, and select if you want it to auto-generate captions for your video. 

It will then create several short clips from your video. Each video clip will be set to your desired length. OpusClip will also give each clip an “AI Virality Score”, which rates the likelihood of the created clips going “viral”. 

How AI Can Help Your Club or Association - AI-Assisted Videos


OpusClip provides a quick and effective way of taking long, unedited videos and breaking them down into edited social media-ready videos. If you want to post more catchy, exciting videos on social media, then OpusClips AI-powered editing may be what you’re after. 

OpusClip has both a free and paid version, which starts at $19 USD a month.  

Fliki For Your Club’s Videos

Fliki is an AI-powered video editing software that automatically transforms blog posts into edited videos. All you have to do is copy and paste the browser link into Fliki and choose which AI voice you’d like to read your blog, and Fliki will create a video version of your blog. 


How AI Can Help Your Club or Association - AI-Assisted Videos


The video version will be automatically completed with an AI voice-over reading the blog, and the AI will select B-roll to fill in the visuals. Now, unless you are either a massive film buff, chose to study video production or, like me, were forced to study video production as a part of a uni degree, you likely do not know what B-roll is. 

B-roll is filler footage that is used in videos to intercut with the main footage. Think of a cooking show. You can see the chef standing at his station cooking and talking to the camera (A-roll), and then it cuts away to a close-up of his hands as he continues to speak. The close-up is B-roll. 


How AI Can Help Your Club or Association - AI-Assisted Videos


B-roll is used to cover up edits in the primary video (A-roll) and keep the audience engaged. 

Fliki selects B-roll to use as visuals in your video because your imported blog won’t have any primary video. The AI-selected B-roll can be a little hit or miss, but it is very easy to switch B-roll clips out for more fitting ones. Fliki will also allow you to insert music and graphics into your video. 

You can make the video a short 30-second promo for your blog, a full-length word-for-word version of your blog or something in between. Using Fliki to create quick social media-ready videos to promote your blogs is an excellent choice. 

Fliki has both a free and a paid version, with the paid version starting at $21 a month. 

Canva For Your Club’s Videos

I have spoken at length before about just how useful Canva is. However, I will be talking about it again, as Canva’s video editor is surprisingly robust. 

Canva’s video editing software combines Canva’s massive library of images, videos, graphics and templates with some pretty streamlined and easy-to-use video editing software. Canva’s video editor is super simple to use and can turn out some great results. 

 How AI Can Help Your Club or Association - AI-Assisted Videos


One of the standout AI-powered features in Canva is “Beat Sync”, which allows you to automatically sync your video clips to the beats of your backing music. Syncing the cuts to the beat makes jump cuts in your videos less startling and more satisfying to watch.  

Besides Canva’s Beat Sync, the paid version of Canva gives you access to a vast variety of AI-powered integrations that you can use in your video editing. 

These AI-powered integrations include: 

  • HeyGen - For AI-powered avatars and text-to-speech
  • Dall-E - For AI-generated images
  • AiVOOV - For AI-powered text-to-speech
  • Soundraw - For AI-generated backing music 

That list barely scratches the surface. There are a staggering number of AI-powered integrations available for Canva. Between all these AI integrations, Canva’s massive library of images, videos and graphics and its easy video editing interface, Canva is an excellent option for your club.  

Canva has both a free and a paid version, with the paid version starting at $19.99 a month. 

Where To Next In Using AI To Help Your Club? 

I hope this article has been a useful introduction to some AI-powered video editing software that can make a big difference in the creation of videos for your club. It’s an ever-advancing field with a near-endless stream of new, exciting ways to help your club. So, have a look around, sign up for some free accounts, and I’m sure you will find something you love. 

If you want some helpful little tips to make your club videos even better, check out 3 Basic Editing Tips To Make Your Club’s Videos Amazing

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