Green Membership Management: Help Your Club, Help The Planet


Did you know the average website generates hundreds of kilograms of carbon emissions annually? The internet produces as much CO2 in a year as all air traffic does in a year. 

We both know that it is unrealistic to stop using the Internet altogether. You need the Internet, and your club needs a website. Instead, we must find ways to make our internet usage more eco-friendly. Because, of course, we can't just stop using the internet. Half the modern world relies on it, and how else would I get access to a steady supply of pictures of weird, cute types of cephalopods? Case and point the Dumbo Octopus 

Green Membership Management

This one looks like it would eat my soul but in a cute way. 

So that's why today we will be talking about why and how Member Jungle ensures it steps lightly on the planet and why this is so important for your club. I also promise not to get all preachy on you; this article will be fun, not dreary, I swear. 

Environmentally Friendly Membership Management Software For Your Club 

I hate to sound all doom and gloom, but when climate specialist scientists are calling the climate crisis an extensional threat to humanity and the US will host the first official hearing on people displaced by the climate crisis in 2024, like it or not, it is something we all have to take seriously. 

Even Jeremy Clarkson, now admits that climate change is a real threat, and if that's not the canary in the coal mine, I don't know what it is. That's not a dig at Jeremey either; I've been a fan my whole life. 

My point is that ensuring your club is as environmentally friendly as possible is very important today and will only get more important as time goes on. So, let's talk about how Member Jungle can help make your club more eco-friendly in a way that doesn't impact you at all. 

Finally, if anyone out there is still not concerned about rising sea levels, please meet the vampire squid.

Environmentally Friendly Membership Management Software For Your Club 


It’s out there in the oceans, and every time an ice cap melts, this roiling mass of nope gets closer to you. 

Carbon Neutral Membership Management Software For Your Clubs & Associations

Member Jungle offers green web hosting for your club, not just carbon offsets for your club's website. Let me explain the difference. 

Carbon offsets are where you or a company buy carbon offset tokens from another company, which invests that money into protecting and planting trees, rainforests, and similar projects. These programs can be fabulous and can make a real difference, but they can also be little more than a hollow gesture. This is because there is little oversight of how they operate and how they actually "offset" carbon emissions. 

Basically, you're not giving money to someone in need; you're giving it to an unknown group, who swears they'll pass it on to the person in need. 

Member Jungle offers green web hosting. That means that 100% of the websites and systems Member Jungle hosts for clubs and associations are completely powered by renewable energy via our partnership with Google Cloud Platform. That's 100% renewable from the start rather than old-fashioned fossil fuel power and a pinky promise to plant a tree. 

If you use Member Jungle to assist your club or association, your website, member portal, membership management system, and member app will all run on renewable energy. 

If you want to know more about Member Jungle's green web hosting, please read What Does "Green Hosting" Even Mean?

A Sustainable Membership Management Software Company

Member Jungle’s commitment to stepping as lightly on the planet as possible goes beyond just using renewable energy to host our websites. It affects every part of what we do. 

The Member Jungle offices are powered entirely by solar panels, and we never use as much energy as we create, meaning we are exporting that excess clean energy to the grid. 

A Sustainable Membership Management Software Company


Member Jungle was a supporter of Zero Co on Kickstarter and continues to use their products in the office; we also use only Who Gives A Crap toilet paper in the office. 

When you first clicked on this article, I bet you didn’t expect it to cover what brand of toilet paper we use. Also, while we’re talking about toilet paper, the whole under or over debate ends here. There is only one correct answer: Over, and I have the original 1891 patent to prove it.

 Who Gives A Crap toilet paper


Sorry under people, you’re done. 

Eco-conscious Club Management

The Member Jungle team recently organised and participated in a post-Christmas holiday clean-up. All our team members went out, some with their families, and picked up as much rubbish as they could from green spaces near them, which tend to get a little trashed after the Christmas school holidays. 

There will be more information on how this went, but here’s a little preview for now. 

Here is Member Jungle’s CEO and Founder, Michael Barwell, dragging some rubbish out of a local river.


Member Jungle’s CEO and Founder, Michael Barwell, dragging some rubbish out of a local river.


Here is Member Jungle’s Development Team Leader Beau Gibson collecting trash on a local beach. 


Member Jungle’s Development Team Leader Beau Gibson collecting trash on a local beach. 


Here is me, Member Jungle’s resident cephalopod enthusiast (or whatever my official title is), grabbing a fast food cup lid from one of my favourite dive spots. 

Member Jungle’s resident cephalopod enthusiast, grabbing a fast food cup lid from one of my favourite dive spots. 


Like I said, there will be more on Member Jungle’s big clean up soon, so keep an eye out for that.

Membership Management Software That Helps The Environment 

Finally, Member Jungle has adopted several endangered native Australian animals and continues to give ongoing financial support through these adoptions to the wildlife shelters that care for them. The most recent was a platypus we named Agent P and adopted last year. 

Below is the article I wrote about this, complete with lots of cute pictures of all the animals we have adopted. 

How Member Jungle Steps Lightly On The Planet: Animal Adoptions

Also, in the above article, I mentioned I was buying a calendar from Port Stephens Koala Hospital; if anyone’s interested, it arrived; it’s beautiful, and here it is on the side of my fridge. 

calendar from Port Stephens Koala Hospital


Help Your Club & The Planet With Member Jungle

I have talked a lot today about how Member Jungle is good for the environment and the world around us, but this has probably left you wondering if Member Jungle will be as good for your club or association as it is for the environment. That’s super understandable; your priority needs to be what’s best for your club. 

Member Jungle might be excellent for your club, or it might not be the right fit for you. Please read the following articles to work out which boat you’re in. 

What Is Membership Management Software For Nonprofits? - All Your Questions Answered

Association Management Software - How Does Member Jungle Rate?


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