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There is something nice about getting an official certificate after you’ve completed something. When I finished university, I was genuinely very happy when that $30,000 piece of paper arrived in the mail. It didn’t matter that I already had the qualifications regardless of whether they ever sent that paper, I was still incredibly happy to have it. It was mine to do with as I pleased. 

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Well, Member Jungle's event certificates achieve the same thing. They add some extra incentive, value and formality to your events and courses and are tracked automatically in the CPD module. They allow you to encourage participation, help document and show appreciation for your members' involvement. 

So, with that in mind, let's discuss event certificates and why your organisation might want to invest in them. 

Member Jungle’s Event Certification Add On

The Event Certification Module is an optional extra at Member Jungle, you can either get it on its own or as a free inclusion with the CPD (Continual Professional Development) Module. 

The Event Certificates add-on goes along with your Events Module. You get a professionally made custom digital certificate that can be sent to members as a PDF and/or printed. The certificate's style and branding can be fully customised to best capture your association or club's unique branding and style.  


Event Certificates


The name of the certificate and pretty much every other piece of text you can see are dynamically generated as part of the module. This means that as you change and edit details in your event, you can automatically update them here. This allows you to effortlessly create the perfect event certificate, no matter the event or attendee. You can add or remove a custom footer noting how many credits or hours the event counted towards the member's continued professional development if that's something you track. As you add details to your event, you can see a real-time preview of the certificate that will update as you edit your event. Ensuring you will be happy with your final result. 

You can activate or deactivate certificate generation for individual events. When activated, certificates are automatically generated for attendees and can be easily distributed via email. Integration with the CPD Module allows attendees to access their certificates. This functionality enhances the attendee experience and simplifies the administrative process.

Creating your event certificates via an automated system like this will save your organisation a lot of time and effort compared to making them the old-fashioned way. 

As of writing, the Event Certificate Module is available for an upfront cost of $979 USD plus an additional $19 USD a month. It is also a free part of the CPD Module, which costs $2,249 USD up front and $59 USD per month. 

What Are The Uses Of The Event Certificate Module?


Certificates are often required for many association and club training events, courses, and webinars. Manually organising these certificates involves a huge amount of manual work. This includes: 


  • Marking Attendance
  • Creating A List Of Attendees 
  • Generating Certificates 
  • Manually Updating Attendees 
  • Using Mail Merge
  • Printing Certificates 
  • Posting Certificates 


All of these are time-consuming and expensive and leave plenty of room for human error. 

Alternatively, using Member Jungle-generated certificates is much quicker and easier for admins. They can be generated dynamically when a person is marked as present in the system and then sent out in a bulk email. In many cases, generating certificates is necessary, and this add-on's time-saving and professional benefits are substantial.

If your association or organisation provides training that is used for professional development, then it’s a requirement for you to issue a certificate for each event. However, being able to email, print, or even post high-quality event certificates can simply add value and sophistication to your events and courses. This, in turn, can increase event participation. When it's evident that you are investing in your events and classes, people are more likely to recognise their quality and take part

For more information on how the Event Certificate Module works with the CPD Module, have a look at Event Certification and CPD Integration

You don't need to be an association to use the Event Certificates; many clubs find it an incredibly useful tool. Clubs that offer training and courses to their members to better equip them for the club's activities can provide their members with certificates to show that they have completed the training. Members can then use these certificates to prove their training to other authorities in the field.


What Are Your Next Steps?

That's about the long and the short of what the Event certification Module is all about and how it can help your club or association. For more information, please see Event Certification and CPD Integration

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