Blogging on the Go: Post Blogs From Your Phone


Blogs are a massively underutilised tool that many club admins should use more. Blogs are a quick and easy way to communicate with your members in what can be an entertaining, informative and effective way. 

Admittedly, as a professional writer who spent a lot of money studying journalism and English literature, I am biased. Asking me if I think more writing is good is a bit like asking a dog if it thinks more toys and treats are good. 


Blogs are a massively underutilised tool



Nonetheless, blogs are an excellent way to communicate with your members and probably something you should be doing more of. With the Member Jungle system, creating and managing blog content is easier than ever, as you can create, edit and read blogs all from the app on your phone. 

post blogs from your phone

Today, we will talk about how you can create and edit blogs from your phone and cover a few quick tips to make your blog posts worthwhile. 

How To Create Club Blogs From The Member Jungle Mobile App

The first step to creating a blog on the mobile app is to open the Member Jungle app and log in as an administrator. You will then need to navigate over to the blog section of the app. A little text box with a plus + icon will be in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you click this, you will be taken to the create a blog page. 


Create Club Blogs From The Member Jungle Mobile App

Here, you can give your article a title, select a blog category, write your article and upload your images. Pretty much everything you could need to create a helpful and captivating blog for your members.

Once that is done, you will be able to post the blog straight to your club’s blog page. You will also get the option to send out a push notification to your members and share a link to your new blog to help make sure everyone sees your new post as soon as possible. 

View Blogs From The Member Jungle Mobile App


The Best Way To Utilise Blogging On The Run  

One fantastic way to use your ability to create and post blogs from your phone is by posting blogs during events. Posting and updating blogs during events allows you to quickly and easily keep members informed about what is happening during your events. If a particular part of your event is about to happen and you want everyone to know about it, add a new blog post and send out a push notification to all members. 

It becomes a quick and easy way to communicate with all of your members without the chaos that can come with posting something similar in a group chat. 

You could even do what a few Member Jungle clubs do and integrate their blogs into events. One fishing club does this by having its members post pictures and measurements of their catches during their annual fishing competition. This gives all their members a way to communicate and makes tracking of the competition easier. 

With a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, I'm sure you'll be able to come up with an ingenious and helpful way to utilise your ability to post blogs on the fly. 

How To Activate Blogging For Your Mobile App

The ability to post blogs from the mobile app may already be visible to you when you log into the app. However, if the button to add a new blog isn't available, you will need to raise a support ticket to request that we turn this function on for your site.

More Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Blog 

Posting blogs from your phone is a super useful tool that, in the right hands, can do a lot of good for your club. I'd thoroughly recommend investigating how this works and how you can utilise it for your club. 

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