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It’s the 21st century, and there is an app for anything and everything. Want a stranger to call you to wake you up? App. Want to “speak” to ghosts? App. Want to know how high you just threw your phone into the air? App. 

There was even an app that could detect when you got into a car crash and play a pre-selected song. The idea being it would be the last song you ever heard. It was called The Last Hit, and it has since gone the way of the dodo itself. In answer to your follow-up questions, yes, I had it. No, I don’t remember which song I chose, but it was definitely something by Iggy Pop. I have no idea if it even worked because, and this is true, I’m not dead. 

However, we aren’t here to talk about any of those apps; instead, we will talk about the Member Jungle app, what it is, what it does, and how it can help your club. 

Member jungle App

A Membership App For Your Club

The Member Jungle app is a membership app that is an integrated part of Member Jungle’s membership management system. It combines many of the main system's helpful time-saving features into one easy-to-use app. 

The app is fully integrated with your Member Jungle membership management system, which means that if you update something on your website, it will automatically update on the app. After all, you are looking into things like membership management software and membership apps, so you have fewer time-consuming tasks to do, not more. 

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the essential features of the Member Jungle app. The Member Jungle app has all of the following features:

  • Membership Renewals 
  • Event Sign Up
  • Members’ profiles 
  • Online Product store
  • Process Digital Payments 
  • QR Codes & Barcodes 
  • Emails from app
  • Push notifications to the app
  • Group chats 
  • Access to digital membership cards
  • News pages
  • Blog pages 

From your perspective as an administrator, the Member Jungle app will update automatically in the background as you make changes to the main website. It will allow you to communicate more effectively with your members via emails, group chats, and push notifications. 

You've just posted a new event. Why not click the "Notify App" button and send an instant push notification to your members' phones?  

From your members' perspective, they can access all of your club's online information right from their phones. They can view your news and blog posts, sign up for events, buy merchandise from your product store, read emails, and chat in the group chat rooms, all from the app on their phones. 


Member Jungle App dashboard


Having a membership app like this can be a really effective way to attract younger members to your club, as a club being tech-savvy, and having an app is a big selling point for the younger generations. Not only that, but it will also provide added value to your existing members and help encourage them to stay active in the organisation. 

How Customisable Is The Member Jungle Club App?  

Having a membership app is all well and good, but you also need to be able to customise it to fit with your club’s style and operation. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some ways you can customise your club app. 

Firstly, please note that the app can be used in light or dark mode. This is not something that you, as the admin, can control; instead, it is up to the individual users to decide for themselves. I only mention it because all my screenshots are in dark mode, as I enjoy not cooking my eyeballs. 

How Customisable Is The Member Jungle Club App?  


Below is a picture of the Member Jungle app in both light mode and dark mode for reference. 


Member Jungle app in both light mode and dark mode


Firstly, as the administrator, you can change the logo, background image, highlight colour, homepage layout and description on the “Club Info” page, all from your Member Jungle site. All of that can be done from the page pictured below. 


Club Info


By using this, you can quickly and easily customise the look and feel of your club’s app to better suit your club. You can see this in practice below. 


customise the look and feel


While the changes might only be superficial, this can drastically change the vibe of your club's app and allow you to really personalise your members' experience. 

As you may have noticed in those previous screenshots, two sections are prominently displayed at the top of the app: the "My Upcoming Events" and "Featured Blog" sections. These are just what is set there by default; if you don't care that much about blogs, you can absolutely move them further down the dashboard or remove them completely. 

In fact, you can edit all of the main components that are shown on your app from your website, as you can see below. 


app dashboard settings


With this, you can customise your member’s experiences with the app and ensure that the important things to your club are given room to shine. 

What Are The Big Benefits Of Having a Club Membership App? 

As we have already mentioned, one of the app's biggest benefits is that it makes life easier for your members. 

Your members will be able to jump onto the app and: 

  • Check out the latest emails, news and blog posts
  • Check out upcoming events
  • Buy event tickets 
  • Renew their memberships
  • Update their personal details 
  • Buy the newest t-shirt, hat, stubby cooler or anything else you're selling on the club store
  • Chat with other members in the chatrooms
  • browse the club resource library, photos and member directory  
  • Check their past orders
  • And so much more 

And because it can all be done from the app on their phones, they will probably do all of that while sitting on their toilet. Don’t get mad at me; it’s just an inescapable fact of modern life. 


Big Benefits Of Having a Club Membership App


The Member Jungle app makes it much easier and more convenient for your members to interact with and be active club members. Using an app like the Member Jungle app can lead to higher overall member engagement and happiness. 

When it comes to the benefits that the Member Jungle app provides to you as an administrator, there are a few obvious standouts. Firstly, happier, more engaged members will stay in the club longer and spend more money on club activities and products. 

Secondly, it is a great way to communicate more effectively and directly with your members. You don't need to take my word for it either. Have a look at the following quote from Sarah Dixon, the Operations and Membership Manager of the Australian Hand Therapy Association

"Having the member app is a vital and invaluable tool. It's a way of quickly communicating with our members. We can send out a reminder for an upcoming event, and it prompts members to register through their phones quickly and easily," said Sarah Dixon. 

You can watch our interview with Sarah Dixon here, Video: The Australian Hand Therapy Association's Experiences Using Member Jungle. 

Thirdly, the Member Jungle app doesn't just allow you to sell your products via the store on the app; it also allows you to process digital payments at in-person events via the app. No need for expensive and complicated POS systems; you can do it all from your phone. This can be done by entering the card details into the app or simply scanning the card with your phone's camera. 


process digital payments via the app


Digital Membership Cards On Your Club’s Membership App

The last benefit we will cover today is that the Member Jungle app can store and display your members’ digital membership cards. 

Digital membership cards are a fantastic way to promote club loyalty, increase member satisfaction, and do more practical things like making event attendance tracking much easier. 

Your members can quickly pull up their member app with unique barcodes from the Member Jungle app, their Apple Wallet and their Google Wallet. This makes members show their digital membership cards as proof of membership, for scanning with a linked POS system, or for event attendance so much easier than with the old school easily losable plastic numbers. 


Digital Membership Cards


Like the Member Jungle app, the digital membership cards are completely free with your Member Jungle membership management subscription. 

That said, if you want to get fancy with it and your digital membership cards are important to your club, you can pay for our team to make you special custom-designed membership cards. 


digital membership cards


How To Start Your Membership Management Journey

Now you have a good overview of how Member Jungle’s club app and digital membership cards work, it’s time to start looking into how the whole system works. 

I should point out that we aren’t the only players in town; you have options here. To see some of your other options, please read Best Digital Membership Cards For Your Club

If you are interested in getting a better overview of how Member Jungle’s whole system works. Please either watch the following video All of your Member Jungle Questions Answered, or read, How Does Member Jungle’s Membership Management System Work.

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