7 Member Jungle Reviews You Need To See


One of my favourite things online is people writing really negative reviews about recipes they have "made", except with massive alterations. People will write things like, 'I didn't have butter, so I used soup. The cake was bad, one star.' And it's the funniest thing ever. 

I know you think I'm exaggerating with my example there, and I am, but honestly, not as much as you might think. 

 reviews about recipes

Peach ice cream. Peach ice cream is what the recipe was for. This person substituted the peaches in peach ice cream for carrots and then complained about it not being sweet enough. 

Anyway, we aren’t here to talk about hilariously weird food reviews. Instead, we are talking about 7 Member Jungle reviews you need to see. By “need to see,” I don’t mean the 5-star reviews that say, “Ammazing, love it!” but don’t actually tell you anything. I also don’t mean the one-star reviews that just say, “Bad.” 

Instead, I've tried to find reviews that actually review the system, giving criticism and feedback on what they liked and didn't like. These sorts of reviews will hopefully prove really helpful to you in better understanding the pros and cons of Member Jungle. I haven't chosen or excluded any particular star ratings here; I've done my best to find only the most useful reviews. 

I will also link to all the relevant sites where you can find and read these reviews and others for yourself so you can see for yourself that I am not just cherry-picking the best ones.  

Member Jungle Capterra Reviews

Capterra is a platform that gathers comprehensive reviews from verified users of various software systems. After reviewing the Member Jungle reviews on Capterra, I found they were mostly positive. The average score was 4.7 out of 5, and the likely-to-recommend rating was 9.4 out of 10 at the time of writing. However, I struggled to find any interesting feedback to share, except for the two Capterra reviews below, which I found to be the most interesting.

Member Jungle Review 1 

I chose this review because the author liked the system but would not recommend it to other clubs until certain issues were addressed. The author also provided plenty of details on the limitations they encountered with the system.


Member Jungle Capterra Reviews



“4 out of 5 Stars - 5 years ago

Comments: Excellent, but can't recommend it to other similar clubs until the above limitations are addressed.

Pros: Automated membership renewals Seamless payment gateway Ability to customize event registration and form design

Cons: Inability to register multiple family members for an event or annual membership without having to log off and on for each member. We require a separate permission form for each member for each event. Given the above limitation, lack of an event option to restrict event ticket sales to 1 ticket per member. Can’t use the event attendance reports where members purchase more than one ticket.”

The good news is that in the five years since this review was written, all of these problems have been solved due to Member Jungle’s constant product releases. Since then, Member Jungle has released group and family memberships, which allow members to register multiple family members without having to log off and on again as different members. Member Jungle has also released the option to have ticket maximums and ticketing fields that allow you to limit the number of event tickets a single member can buy and collect any information you need. 

Member Jungle Review 2

The review below is generally very positive; however, they did write quite a bit in the cons section that I felt was worth sharing. 


Member Jungle Capterra Reviews 2


“5 out of 5 Stars - 5 years ago

Comments: Overall experience is very good, it has reduced the man hours involved in member adminstration, and event organisation significantly. I find the customer support very responsive

Pros: The email campaign functionality, and the member registration functionality, including payment gateways, make this software very suitable for club administration. I also like the event registration functonality.

Cons: I think the blog/forum functionality should be available at all subscription levels, we are a small but growing club, and can not afford the upgrade to the next level until we have more members, however blog functionality is very important to clubs, we use facebook groups now to fill this gap. I would like to somewhere where the payment remittance advice can include what is being paid, to make reconciliation of payments easier.”

As this reviewer points out, Member Jungle’s blog module is only available on our Standard and Premium packages, not the cheaper Community and Essentials Packages. The bad news is that this limitation of the more budget packages is still true today. You will still need to pay for the Standard or Premium packages to access the Blog module. 

The good news is that the News module and Member Jungle’s new Group Chat features are available on every package. While the group chat features via the Member Jungle app are available on all packages, group chat via the website is limited to the two more expensive packages. Although they are not a direct replacement for the Blog module, they do a great job of filling in the gaps.

So, while the problems that this customer pointed out are arguably better now, thanks to the advent of the group chat module, they are unfortunately still accurate today. 

Member Jungle Google Reviews

I looked at a few Google reviews about Member Jungle. They are all very positive, but unfortunately, none offer the more useful drawbacks and cons of the above reviews. 

Therefore, I am only going to mention one of them briefly. You can find them all here.

As of writing, Member Jungle has 12 reviews on Google, all of which are 5/5 star reviews.  

Member Jungle Review 3

Here is one such review from Google; as I said, it doesn’t list any cons which makes it a little less useful to us today. 

Member Jungle Google Reviews

“5 out of 5 Stars - 2 years ago

Fully integrated membership, website and email campaign system that is easy to use.  Lotus Club Victoria has recently moved to the Member Jungle platform replacing 3 separate systems and saving volunteer committee members many hours of time in running the club.  The transfer over was assisted by the Member Jungle team who responded quickly to any queries and provided excellent coaching on how to run the site.  We were up and running quickly - three months ahead of expected launch.  Also pleasing to support an Australian business.”

However, I chose to share this one because last year, I interviewed Guy Stevens, the man who wrote this review, to find out more about his experiences with Member Jungle. You can read the whole interview here: Customer Story - Lotus Club Victoria

Member Jungle Apple App Store Reviews & Google Play Store Reviews

Now that we’ve covered the most useful reviews on the system as a whole, let’s examine some of the reviews on the integrated Member Jungle app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Member Jungle App has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the App Store and 4.4 out of 5 on the Play Store. 

Member Jungle Review 4

Now, many of these reviews are from people who have not updated the app in quite some time, leading to issues. I can see that the Member Jungle development team is very active in providing support to these reviewers. Below is an example of this. 


Member Jungle Apple App Store Reviews & Google Play Store Reviews


“2 out of 5 stars - 3 October 2021

There are problems with the Chat room. Hard to scroll and it locks the app. Everything else is great.

Response from Member Jungle Development Team 

11 October 2021

Hi Therese, thank you for your feedback. Our development team shared that they've fixed the issue. Please try updating to the latest version of the app; if the same problem still exists, please let us know at Thanks.”

So, if you go for a look through the Google Play Store Reviews yourself, you will see this sort of interaction happen quite often.  Here is another one just for good measure. 


Response from Member Jungle Development Team 


“1 out of 5 stars - 14/05/2023

Recent update has made the app unusable

The latest update has made the app take about a minute to launch, and while it’s loading it totally locks my iPhone 13 up.

Developer Response

Hi Craigy89, Please try the latest version of the app (2.2.0) as there have been some big improvements in the initial loading. Thanks, Member Jungle App Team.”

Moving on to the helpful reviews, I have tried to include more recent ones. Since the app is frequently updated and evolving, a review from 2020 would be pointless, as it would be referring to a significantly different app at this point.

Member Jungle Review 5

Below is a review that is less than a month old as of writing. It is mostly positive but does raise a few concerns. 


Member Jungle Review 5


“4 out of 5 stars - 17 March 2024

On the whole works very well and lets you remain in touch with your club without being forced to use (anti)social media. Two issues: Going direct to a notification from the phone's notification list doesn't mark it read - have to read it a 2nd time or use Mark All as Read option. Returning from a notification (using the back arrow) to the app's Notifications screen sometimes causes app crash with Black Screen of Death.”

As you can see, this customer is having some issues with getting notifications to mark as read and occasionally having his app crash. The good news is that he has raised these issues, and our development team is working on them. Chances are, by the time you read this, they will be sorted or close to sorted. 

Member Jungle Review 6

Here is a review from a club member who uses Member Jungle rather than an admin, which I feel provides unique insight into what the app is like for members. 


Member Jungle Review about events


“5 out of 5 stars - 16/10/2022


I think that there should be the option to have a chat room for individual events so we can talk about that event. We should also be able to start new threads for specific questions or debates, this would be to stop comments getting lost in the main thread which is very often the case. The old app had these options and I don’t understand why the new one doesn’t.

Developer Response

Hi Greg, It's best to get in contact with your club about this, as they are the ones that control whether or not you can create new threads. Cheers, Member Jungle App Team.”

As you can see, this reviewer is concerned about not being able to do something on the app they believe they should be able to. As you can see from the response from the Member Jungle development team, this isn't a limitation of the app but rather a limitation that the club admins have implemented. 

I bring this up because this is an excellent example of why club admins need to communicate effectively with their members. I have found several reviews of club members complaining about the app not being able to do things it can, but their clubs are choosing not to allow it. 

Not only does this mean that the club in question hasn't explained certain choices to their members, but much more importantly, their members are giving feedback to us rather than the club. If you choose to implement Member Jungle or any other digital system, make sure you give your members a clear pathway to make complaints, enquiries and feedback to you.  

Member Jungle Review 7

Here is our seventh and final review. This review is another one from a club member who uses Member Jungle; this one originally had quite a low rating with just the words, “Only use it because I’m forced too,”. Interestingly, this user has come back and updated their original review and rating. 


Member Jungle Review about the app

“4 out of 5 stars - 31 August 2022

Only use it because I'm forced to.... Ok, it's time for a review update. I'm happy to say that the work and effort going into updating the MJ app appears to be going very well. Keep up the great work, very much appreciated ¿”

Just for good measure, here is one last of those incredible recipe reviews because after searching through all of Member Jungle’s reviews, I didn’t find anything near as funny as this. 


recipe reviews

How To Find More Customer Reviews Of Member Jungle? 

Well, those were seven reviews by Member Jungle customers that you need to see. I hope you found them useful and that they gave you a little more insight into the system. I linked to all of the relevant sites and pages above, so feel free to look through them yourself. 

If you want to see what more Member Jungle customers have had to say about us, have a look at 9 Tips From Member Jungle Customers That You Need To See

If you would like to see some more in-depth thoughts from Member Jungle customers read, Customer Story - The Northern Rivers Bushwalkers Club.  


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