2021 - That's a wrap! An overview of our major releases for the year.


1926099Wow, what a year it has been. At the start of this year we probably thought that it would be better than 2020, but with lockdowns ongoing through Eastern States of Australia in particular, it has been hard going. Do you remember when we could have club events in person? Hopefully, that time will be upon us again soon.

The Member Jungle team have all been working from home juggling home schooling, sharing 'office space' and eating far too much! They also have been working super hard and are kicking massive goals in product development. This newsletter outlines some of the great features released so far this year. Hopefully they will help your club through these rough times and power you into 2022.



Educate Your Members with Online Courses!Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 3.59.58 pm-1

Do you offer training or courses that your members might enjoy online via your website?


Our Online Course Module has had a complete overhaul and is now better than ever!


Some of the changes include:

  • Custom course certificates
  • Full integration with MySite area for course Students
  • New course payment management
  • Custom built forms per course
  • Whole new student interface which makes navigation around the course much easier!


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Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 9.59.56 am-2

Track CPD Points

Allow your members to track and submit their own CPD points or hours in their membership area!

  • Easily accessible to members from their MySite area
  • Log hours or points and upload supporting documents before submitting
  • Members and admin can download the CPD reports


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Customise Accessibility To Your Membership Formscrnli_09_09_2021_15-03-26 (1) Fields

Membership forms are now able to be even more customised, with the ability to restrict the field access and visibility. This new functionality allows:

  • Admin only fields
  • View only (for members) fields
  • Fields that cannot be edited after signup
  • Fields that can only be edited at signup and renewal time


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scrnli_09_09_2021_15-17-13 (1)Group Member Event Registrations

Your primary group members can now add their secondary members or guests as part of the event registration process. Your primary members can:

  • Select if the registration should include themselves
  • Register their secondary members from a drop down list
  • View their registration in their members MySite area


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Custom Membership CertificatesScreen Shot 2021-09-15 at 8.57.31 am

Your members can now be automatically issued a certificate with their membership, which can be:

  • accessed and downloaded by members at any time
  • personalised with member data from your membership form
  • customised with your branding, text, signature and background colours/images
  • automatically emailed to your members on sign up


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YourClubAustralia_membership_card_Mary_Poppins_45902 (1)Custom Membership Cards

We can create a custom membership card for your club to display the information you require

  • include up to 6 custom fields from your membership form
  • include your members profile picture
  • all in your branding and colours


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Member Jungle App Overhaulunnamed-1

In February we released some major changes and additional functionality in the Member Jungle App.

To add to this, we released the new Member Jungle App module to assist in configuring to your preference.

The release included:

  • Configurable app dashboard
  • App usage reporting
  • A new look navigation
  • Ability to upload profile images
  • Member card scanning


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sonja-langford-eIkbSc3SDtI-unsplashAdjustable Time Zones

Administrators now have the ability to adjust the site default time zone according to where you're located.

You can now also set the time zones of your events.

This is an exciting development for those in other states and countries!


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