Testimonial from Australian Miniature Horse Society


Watch the video above to hear what Pamela McDonald from Australian Miniature Horse Society has to say about her society's experience using Member Jungle.

The society that I represent is an Australia wide not for profit association incorporated.

We have been using Member Jungle for about 6 or 8 months. The things that we are finding as a society that are really helpful to us, is we really like the ease of communicating with our members, and the signing up and renewal process. Members get reminders ahead of time that their renewals are due, you can set these emails up at various intervals. There are also reminders after their membership is due, that is has to be paid. 

With the mobile ap on their phone, they can have a copy of their membership certificate available for all the shows that they attend, or for any other reason that they need. So those things are really positive for this society.

The other thing that I really like, is in the past we have had a provider for our webpage, another provider for our email service, we've had a merchant facility with a credit card facility from an Australian bank - Member Jungle incorporates all of those in to one place, so all our services are linked, and everything is covered with one monthly payment. So we know where we are, we know what our income is for the month, and we know what our expenses are going to be.

The committee on my society are not entirely technologically competent, the support from Member Jungle is great. You only have to ask the question and they get back to you with the answer, and they'll help you sort out any issues you may have. Thats a great thing. The other thing is it is based in Australia, so it is all handled by Australian people, and all the costs are in Australian dollars. You dont have to worry about conversion rates or US Dollars or any of that sort of thing.

I feel that Member Jungle with the service that they are offering and this platform is a huge bonus for our kind of society. There are many more facilities that are coming online all the time, that we are going to avail ourselves of as time goes by. I think it is a great service and we are really happy with it.

Pamela McDonald
Australian Miniature Horse Society